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Nor’easter is a beautifully drawn, well-written point-and-click adventure game, inspired by both the classics of the genre, as well as the modern titles. Full of both humour and a fair doze of otherworldliness and creepiness, it’s bound to provide hours of entertainment, while its multi-layered plot and intriguing, unique setting will leave the player thinking about the game and its world for days on end.



Jack, as a jackalope, cannot speak, but can understand both humans, animals and other fearsome critters; he is generally probably the smartest hare with antlers to ever walk the Earth. And the most good-hearted!


Jacob is an emotional, hot-headed brute. Although his heart is in the right place, he loses his temper easily. He will yell, push Jack away, cry, give up, rush towards what he thinks might be the goal. Generally he will get into a lot of trouble and there will be tons of drama around him.


Wendigo - a terrifying fearsome critter from the American folklore. Canibalism, murder, greed - the wendigo mythos has it all. But does anyone ever ask what the wendigo feels? Maybe he doesn’t want to to be evil? Maybe he’s into embroidery? Nobody knows. Nobody listens. And so, the wendigo haunts the American forests, looking for his another victim.


Hugag - looks like a moose, but its legs lack joints. It also has a long upper lip, which it wraps around the trees and feeds on the torn bark.


Wapaloosie - walks like a caterpillar, looks like a ferret. Loves climbing trees and eating mushrooms. Hates peas. According to the lumberjacks, even after death it will still find the nearest tree and start climbing it. In the evenings wapaloosie tends to watch soap-operas and drink hot milk.


A hugag, filla-ma-loo bird, agropelter, funeral mountain terrashot… you know? The fearsome critters are creatures made up by lumberjacks at campsites. There are moose with legs that don’t bend, there are birds flying backwards, there are animals that explode and those that cry because they are so hideous; there is generally a ton of really weird creatures.

Who are we? Redi Games is a Cracow (Poland) based gamedev company. Since 2017 we are developing our own mobile games, board games and PC games. We are interested in various things, e.g. design, UX/UI, cryptozoology and classical, nineteenth-century literature. In our opinion, the only right way to think is to think outside the box, that's why our games always have an intriguing plot and are full of absurdity. Our experience means that we offer innovative solutions and ideas that respond to the needs of players and our clients that go beyond the usual patterns.

Team experienced in game design

Real indie developer, pursuing new meaning of games

Unusual story and wonderful design

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